Custom Training

ArcGIS Custom, Onsite Training

We come to you. We can come to your location and teach a customized GIS workshop. Many find this to be a more cost effective solution if they have more than four people who would like training.

Fee: $4,000 (this is a flat fee that includes ten books.
Additional books are $20 per book. No additional expenses will be incurred.)

Participants: Up to 24 using your computer lab.

Software: ArcGIS 10.6

Materials: A copy of The GIS20: Essential Skills book by Gina Clemmer published by ESRI Press. A 180 day trial version of the software is included with the book.

Potential Topics

This class is customized for your participants. You may choose any combination of the essential skills below. Typically, 10-12 topics can be covered in a one day session. Two day sessions are available also.

1. Creating Reference Maps
2. Creating Well-Designed Layouts
3. Projecting Shapefiles
4. Creating Geodatabases and Using ArcCatalog
5. Downloading Free 2009 Shapefiles from the Census
6. Downloading Census Data
7. Joining data to a Shapefile
8. Working with Attribute Tables
9. Thematic mapping
10. Categorical Mapping
11. Editing Boundaries
12. Joining Boundaries
13. Geocoding
14. GPS Point Mapping
15. Spatial Queries and Buffers
16. Aerial photography
17. Digitizing Paper Maps
18. ArcGIS Explorer, a free GIS browser, used to share & build geo-presentations
19. Publishing Maps to Google Earth
20. ArcView 9.3x to 10: What's New?